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Benefits of Exercise for Children

What are the benefits of exercise for kids like me? I researched some on the internet and found the answers below. I’m sure most of you know the answers but the things I listed below are my personal observations and gains.

  1. Exercise Improves Physical Health
  • I have a stronger immune system. I am less prone to colds, allergies and diseases including cancer.
  • I’m less like to become overweight and will have a better control of my body.
  • Children who exercise will develop stronger bones and muscles

Active children breathe better and sweat more. Breathing and sweating are great ways to detoxify the body and help it keep itself “clean.”


(This is my warm up!)

Then I run after warming up on the treadmill


(Cool down using the stationary bike)


Playing sports is also one of the best ways to exercise. Mom makes sure that we do our physical activity at least once a week. Friday is our P.E day

Ideally, this is how our monthly schedule for physical activity looks like:

Week 1 – Running and gym exercises/Basketball

Week 2 – Badminton

Week 3 – Table Tennis/ Swimming

Week 4 – Basketball

My brother and I prefer basketball over other sports. Most of the time instead of running and going to the gym we choose to play basketball.


Exercise Improves Mental Health                      

  • I am happy kid– It lessens my depression, since I got to do the things I love like playing basketball and badminton. Even after the end of long school day I look forward to our P.E day.


  • I have better concentration– Even during school days I noticed I think fast and my focus has improved.


  • It has developed my self-esteem and confidence.
  • My quality of sleep is improved.


 Overall, I can say that exercise is a MUST for us kids. It’s also a bonding time for our family. 

Extra :  If you want to learn about Badminton and Table Tennis. Please click on the links below : 










I am a smart, kind and cheerful 10 year old. My hobbies include playing the piano and playing online games.

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