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English ( Reading )

These are some lesson that will help you to be a good reader or writer.

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Elements of a Story

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Tellling a Story using Story Maps

“The Lion and the Mouse”



Telling a story using Picture Boards


A Moral Story : The Lion and The Mouse

A lion was sleeping in a forest. A mouse started playing on it. The lion was disturbed and arose from his sleep. It caught up the mouse angrily and tried to crush it to death.

Then the mouse prayed the lion to leave him off and assured that it would help him when it needed. The lion laughed at it and let him off.

One day the lion was caught in a net spread by a hunter. It roared and tried to escape but in vain. The mouse heard the lion’s roaring and came there. It started cutting the net with its teeth. The lion escaped and thanked the mouse.

Moral : One good turn deserves another



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