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The Power for True Success

The Importance of Character

  -Trace Conflicts to Character Deficiencies

  -Understand the “Impossibility” of True Character

  -To Learn How to Gain the Power for Character

What is Good Character?

  • Character is the inward motivation to do what is right according to the highest standards of behavior in every situation
  • Character consist of the stable distinctive qualities built into an individual’s life that determine his or her responses. regardless of the circumstances
  • Character is the wise response to the pressure of a difficult situation and what we do when we think that no one is watching. It is the predictor of good behavior.

What is the Source of Character. and How Is It Accurately Defined?

Values are based on the changing opinions of what people or groups feel is important. However, character is based on universal standards that are time-tested and recognized as being right.

Why Are “Operational Definitions” Necessary to Define Character?

The precise and accurate definition of a particular character quality is universally recognized and understood because it is based on the Law of God, which is written in every person’s heart.

How is Character Distinct From Religion?

Character is not a religion. Character transcends all religions and is a universal standard inscribed in the heart and conscience of every person.

Character transcends culture,l anguage, groups, age, social status, religion, gender, and nationality because it deals with the daily struggles of human nature

Why Is God’s Power Needed for Character?

Every person tends to have some addiction, habit, or besetting sin the violates the character he believes in and requires the power of god to overcome.

Is God’s Power Needed for All Character Qualities?

Every quality is a practical expression of perfect love. it takes the power of God to develop and demonstrate such love.



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