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A Trip to Penang Island

Our family celebrated my 11th birthday in Penang island, Malaysia.                                 The experience was awesome and unforgettable. We spent 3 days and 2 nights but we wished we could have more.

The island of Penang has it all: history,  multicultural influences, pristine beaches, and of course fantastic food. Penang cuisine is a flavorful mixture of traditional Malay cuisine, with a side of Chinese, a dash of Indian.  And the best way to experience this world of flavors is to hit the streets and follow your nose.

I thank my mom for carefully planning this trip because everything went smoothly. It was not difficult to travel by bus from Kuala Lumpur since our condominium is walking distance from the mall where the bus terminal was located.  Mom bought the bus tickets online so all we did is just to show up at the bus terminal 30 minutes before the departure time. We left KL around 10am on Tuesday and arrived in Penang at 2pm. From the bus terminal in Sungai Nibong Penang, we used grab car service to reach Tanjung Bungah where the beach house was located. It took us only 30 minutes to reach the place. The round-trip bus tickets for 4 people costs 296 ringgit ( 1 ringgit (RM) = 11.20 Philippine Peso).

Me and my brother tried many foods that we have never eaten before. We like it actually after we tasted it. We explored many places in Penang like Batu Ferringhi, Long Beach, Georgetown and many more. When the last day comes we went to Queensbay mall ; the largest mall in Penang.  We had to check out from the beach house by 12 noon but our bus home was scheduled at  5 pm, so we decided to spend the remaining time watching a movie.  It was a long trip back home, it took five and a half hours because our bus arrived late. However,this inconvenience did not affect this overall experience.

The street art in Georgetown, food and the beach house were the experiences I loved most. I will discuss them in detail below :

-The Beach House-

beach 5

(60ft) walk to have your feet on the beach or in the sea!


The place where we stayed was a private beach house owned by a couple who were originally from Holland but have been staying in Penang for 25 years. Our hosts Carry and Case have been warm and welcoming the moment we arrived at the house. They have many suggestions of the best places to eat and unique sights. They have 2 most adorable and friendly cats on premise so rejoice if you’re a cat lover. The cats are named “Kiko” and “Pretty”.

The location of the house is on one of the small roads off the main road in Tanjung Bungah heading towards Gurney Drive. It was not difficult to find at all. From the bus terminal in Sungai Nibong, Penang, we used grab car service which costs 20 ringgit. (1 ringgit = 11.20 PHP), it was just a 20 min drive.

There’s ample parking spaces on grounds (about 3 cars side by side) and you can hear the sea as you walk towards the front of the house. To go to the beach, you have to exit using the small door located in the garden.

This gorgeous beach house is right at the sea amidst a lovely lush green garden. The busy road behind the house is blocked by another row of houses which causes the street noise being minimized so mostly the only thing to hear is the sea rushing in…. 🙂

We slept nightly to the sound of the waves and sea breeze cooling the room. Mom and dad loved taking their morning coffee on the balcony. My brother and I were fond looking at the ships passing on the horizon using the binocular provided by Carry.

The fridge is also filled with affordable can drinks that you can just buy by putting the money in the money jar by the fridge. By the way, the first set of drinks were free!). We did not have to go out if we want to drink soda or juice. A can of coke is just 2 ringgit. Dad got his beer for only 5 ringgit. The cost of the soda is cheaper than those sold at the convenience store.
Within 5 – 10 minutes walking distance there is a choice of many local (Indian, Malay, Chinese) and various western restaurants.

-Local Food-

The food in Penang was cheaper and a lot tastier. There were also more options. Mom and dad told us that we would not go for the high end or expensive restaurants but instead we would taste all the local food prepared and cooked in the streets.

We had a taste of Indian, Chinese and Malaysian food and mostly this can be found in hawker centers. (Definition : Hawker centres are open-air complexes that house many stalls selling a wide variety of affordably priced food).


I like spicy food but not curry but my parents most specially my dad is a fan of Indian food.  For lunch, my parents brought us to an Indian mamak ( Definition of “mamak” – A street side restaurant commonly found in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia).   We ordered the banana leaf set with chicken and mutton curry and nasi ayam (rice with fried chicken).

For dinner, we went to Long Beach Cafe in Batu Feringghi which is listed as one of the top 10 must visit hawker centers in Penang. It is within the beach area in Batu Feringghi. The price of the food is slightly a bit higher when we compared the prices of the food we found at New Lane Hawker Center in Georgetown, Penang.  Nevertheless, the food was awesome.

Most tourists would say that the must try foods in Penang are as follows :

Source : ,

  • Char Koay Teow – noodle dish made from flat rice noodles, soy sauce, chili, prawns and other common stirfry ingredients
  • Koay Teow Th’ng – flat rice noodles in Soup
  • Assam Laksa  –flavorful, tangy, and spicy Malaysian fish based rice noodle soup
  • Lor Bak – pork rolls
  • Penang Rojak-traditional fruit and vegetable salad
  • Mee Goreng – fried noodles
  • Nasi Kandar -mildly-flavoured steamed rice accompanied by a variety of curry-based meat dishes and vegetables
  • Penang Teochew Chendul/Cendol – iced dessert with coconut milk, red beans, jelly noodles made from rice flour with green food coloring (usually derived from the pandan leaf), shaved ice and palm sugar
  • Hokien Mee ( also known as Prawn Mee in other places such as KL. It’s hot spicy chilli noodles with prawns and pork with egg.

We tried 5 out 8 of the list. Penang’s version of Hokkien Mee, Mee Goreng, Nasi Kandar, Cendol, and my favorite and kuya’s – Char Kway Teow!  By the way, it was both our first time to taste kway teow but once we tasted it, it became our staple food in Penang ( breakfast, lunch, dinner). The Kway Teow in Penang is different according to my parents because the prawns were bigger, there were more fried sausage strips and duck eggs were used(Yum!). We found the cheapest and the most delicious Kway Teow at a Chinese mamak  near the Penang State Museum. They make the best tasting fried rice too!!! It was too bad mom was not able to capture the name of the mamak. If I’m not mistaken it is located in Lorong Argus (Lorong definition : road).

Aside from those food on the list, we also tried “Satay “(definition – dish consisting of small pieces of meat grilled on a skewer and served with a spiced sauce that typically contains peanuts). It’s like a smaller version of barbecue.  We liked the Satay in Penang because they sell Pork Satay which you will not find in most mamak in Malaysia because mostly they sell “Halal” food since Malaysia is majority Muslim.  We just bought beef and chicken satay but there are more choices like mutton, fish and even wild boar satay. My brother Alex also liked the fried oyster omelet, even though he is very picky when it comes to food ,  in Penang he was able to try dishes he never tasted before.


Below is the list of food cost during our 3 day stay in Penang

(Mom made this list of course! )

Note : All prices in RM (Malaysian ringgit)

Day 1


Location : Indian mamak

Nasi Ayam- 6.50 per order x2= 13
banana leaf mutton curry set- 16
banana leaf chiken curry- 10
drinks ice lemon tea -8

Total -47 rm

Location : Long beach cafe@ Batu Ferringhi

king prawns -35 RM
yang chow fried rice – 6
chiken tepanyaki set -10
fried oyster omelet large – 12
fried kway teow large- 8
mee udang soup -15
mee goreng mamak -15
kampung fried rice -6
fruit juice -3.50 eachx4- 14

Total – 121

Day 2

Location : Lorong Argus, Georgestown
fried kwayteow -4.50 per order x2 = 9rm
fried rice – 5.00 x 3 – 15rm
Subtotal :24

icelemon tea x 4 = 6


Location : New lane hawker center@Lorong Baru, Georgestown
roast pork & chicken set
vegetable soup
subtotal -45
limau ice and icelemon tea – 7.80
extra rice-2 rm

Total -54.80


Teochew Cendol – 5 RM per bowl

Fried Kwayteow  (2 orders spicy &3 non spicy  7rm each )= 35rm
pork satay -12rm for 10pcs
chiken satay-11 rm for 10

Total -58rm

Day 3 Lunch
Gurney Plaza Mall Foodcourt

Yong tau foo steamboat-16.50rm
Fried and grilled chicken chop for 2 people – 27.00rm
Nasi Kandar (Malay food buffet) -42rm for two people
Fresh fruit juice x 3- 3.30 each = 9.90rm
5 pieces sesame balls – 10rm total

105.40 + 4 rice = 110.20 rm

Streets of Georgetown 

The inner city of Georgetown is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and consists of a mixture of colonial architecture—a reminder of this city’s British past—and the ideal spot for a stroll to get a feel for the city’s history, cultures, and festivals .It is also full of old fashioned shops, Chinese and Indian temples, and the Penang Museum. Aside from the structures, the street walls were painted and designed with metal or iron caricatures.

Heritage Structures

Metal Art

Street Art



3rd Quarter is all about adjectives

Adjective describes or denotes the characteristics or qualities of something.

There are 2 kinds of adjectives which are descriptive adjective and limiting adjective.

In this article, the words highlighted in blue are descriptive adjectives and those which are highlighted in orange are limiting adjectives

  • Descriptive Adjectives as the name suggests, give the description of something.
  • Limiting Adjectives limit or restrict the noun or pronoun being described


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