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Drawing Conclusions

Drawing Conclusions is a strategy that helps you make a judgement about an event or situation based on the given details.

Here are some examples:

As I walked along the corridors of the third floor of our building, many sixth and fifth graders were gathered outside casually lounging around. When i reached Room 508, my classroom, most of my classmates were also outside as if they were waiting for someone. Then our vice principal, Mr. Madarame, bolted out suddenly from Room 506, the teachers’ lounge. He looked visibly upset at all of us. Why do you think Mr. Madarame felt that way toward the students? Why do you think the students were outside their rooms?


There was a important visit at the school and all of the students and teachers need to welcome him/her.


I recalled that about two week ago, while the three of us headed to the storage room after gym class, we accidentally overheard a not-so-very-discreet conversation between Coach Zaraki and the janitor, Mr. Tesshu. They were talking about a descendant of the Oda Clan coming to the school. Ms. Ohatsu Oda appeared in our room. I found that Ohatsu Oda was the name of Nobunga’s niece who served him as a liutenant of the Saiga-Shu Squad. She was killed protecting her captain Magoichi Saika. What do you think was Ms. Ohatsu Oda’s role?


She was a guard or a soldier of the Saiga-Shu Clan.


I continued telling them that shikigamis are tools that a shinigami or death god uses to find lost souls and also serve as an escort from the spirit world to the human world. Since they fly, in their human form, their stems have no footfall. Who do you think is the shikigami? Why?


Its the escort of souls to afterlife. because they have no feelings.




I am a smart, kind and cheerful 10 year old. My hobbies include playing the piano and playing online games.

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