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Creativity vs Underachievement


Creativity is used for making not only things but also plans. Thus, the following two words amplify the quality of creativity.


This word combines skill, inventiveness, and cleverness with creativity


Subtilty is the ability to strategize to accomplish a goal

Why Creativity is Important?

Creativity determines the success we will achieve during our lifetime. Success is fulfilling the purposes for which God made us. To the degree that we are creative, we will fulfill those purposes. God the Creator made us in His own image and gave us the capacity to creatively carry our the good works.

What is the Purpose of Creativity?

The foundation of every character quality is genuine love, and one of the best ways to express love is through good works. Creativity is necessary to effectively carry out good works. The great importance of good works is indicated by the many Biblical references to them.

What Activates Creativity?

Creativity is activated by thoughts. Before God created the world, He determined in the counsel of His will that He would create man, provide a Redeemer, and establish good works for believers to follow. If our thoughts are based on the Word of God, our creativity for good purposes. If our thoughts are not based on Scripture, our creativity will produce selfish or evil results, Creativity is energized when thoughts are expressed in words.




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