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What is Light?..

Light is a form of wave energy.

Image result for light

Waves the can move through space are called electromagnetic waves.

Image result for electromagnetic waves

Waves that moves perpendicular to the way that the matter is moving are called transverse waves.

Image result for transverse wave

The height of the wave is called amptitude

Image result for amplitude

The number of waves in a second is called frequency

Image result for frequency

Speed refers to the distance that one wave travels in a second


Image result for speed light waves

The different colors of light is called visible spectrum

Image result for visible spectrum

Light can also change direction by reflection. Reflection happens when light bounces off an object.

Image result for Light reflection

Colors that cannot be made by other colors are called primary colors

Image result for primary colors

Opaque substances use to color other materials are called pigments.

Image result for pigments

Mirror is any surface that can reflect light to form image, or picture of an object

Image result for mirror

Concave curves inward

Image result for concave mirror

Convex curves outward

Image result for convex mirror

Lens is a piece of a glass or another transparent object that refracts light.

Image result for lens

Electromagnetic spectrum.

Image result for electromagnetic spectrum





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