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Creating a Geometry Star

Materials for lesson:

Blank 8.5 x 11” paper



Colored pencils (crayons or markers would work, too, but colored pencils are recommended)

Vocabulary used:



Line segment


Acute angle

Right angle

Obtuse angle


1. Begin by reviewing what a point, line, line segment, endpoints, and acute, right, and obtuse angles are.

Point: A position or location represented by a very small dot made by a sharp pencil; it has no diameter.

Line: A series of points that goes on indefinitely in the same direction.

Line segment: Part of a straight line, limited by two end points.

Endpoints: Two points that define a line segment, one at each end.

Acute angle: An angle with fewer than 90 degrees.

Right angle: An angle with exactly 90 degrees.

Obtuse angle: An angle greater than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees.

2.Using the ruler, draw a 2” line somewhere near the middle of the paper.

3.Create a line segment by adding endpoints to the ends of the line and label the endpoints as A and B.


4. Draw 15 – 20 points (dots) around the paper, above and below the line segment, making sure to not draw any points on line segment AB.


5. Using the ruler, draw lines from each point made to point A and to point B.
Each time a point is connected to the line segment, have the student think about what type of angle (acute,right, obtuse) has been created. Can the student name them as each angle is created?




6. Once all lines are drawn, color each piece of the “star” a different color or pattern. Colored pencils are recommended.

As I create a pattern from A to B, mom would ask me what type of triangle is created by connecting the segments.

Below is the example of my Geometry star.




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