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Anemometer is used to measure the speed of wind.

Here are some examples:

My Homemade anemometer.


  • Plastic/Paper cups
  • Barbecue stick or Pencil
  • Glue or Tape
  • Paper cups or Plastic bottle (for base)
  • Illustration board/ Barbecue stick (for arms)

How to make:

  • Make a hole to your plastic bottle or paper cup.
  • Put the barbecue stick or pencil into the hole.
  • Make two holes on the side of your plastic bottle and another two holes below it to make a cross/Stick your illustration board strips to the pencil to make a cross.
  • If you’re using plastic bottle insert the barbecue stick into the holes to make a cross and stick the cups into its tips just like i did/ Glue the cups below the very edge of the illustration board strips.
  • If you’re using plastic bottle its done but if you’re using cups glue 2 cups upside down to make a base and put illustration board under it just to make it stronger.

How does an anemometer works?

Anemometer will spin around to the direction the wind is blowing and every second is a miles/h or miles for hour.

Video examples

Natural air:

From a fan or any appliances:

That’s how an anemometer works. 🙂



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